Indoor Air Quality Testing, HVAC Cleaning, Service and Maintenance

If it's in the air, it's in your lungs!   Do you know what you are breathing in?

IAQ provides a comprehensive indoor air quality service that maintains the standard of the air that you breathe. Our end-to-end service involves unbiased, independent testing and assessment of indoor air quality and the effectiveness and safety of internal air (HVAC) systems. After careful analysis of results and the identification of internal air quality problems, we recommend a course of action to improve internal air quality through HVAC system cleaning, service and maintenance. tick.gifReduce the incidence of illness
tick.gifIncrease efficiency and comfort
tick.gifComply with standards
tick.gifReduce energy use and carbon footprint IAQ have the insight to transform your indoor air quality test results into action. We have more than 20 years experience in the air conditioning industry and a specialisation in commercial and industrial buildings. This unsurpassed depth of knowledge of air conditioning systems gives you the most accurate recommendations and effective solutions.
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Is your house a health hazard?
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Your family’s health could be compromised by the air quality in your home. Chemicals, indoor air pollution, mould, poor ventilation, animal dander, poorly maintained heating and cooling are common factors in houses that affect how clean the air is in your house.  Find out more

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