IAQ Computer Room and Data Centre Cleaning

IAQ Computer Room & Data Centre Cleaning

Computer Room Cleaning

Your computer room or data centre are the nerve center of your business. They are a critical component of business infrastructure that transmits and coordinates crucial information for effective functioning of the business. Loss of function or data can cost a business many tens of thousands of dollars, employee downtime and customer loyalty.

Equipment failure can be a result of poor maintenance or inappropriate computer room / data centre cleaning methods, hence maintaining cleanliness is vital to ensure that delicate and expensive equipment can function properly. Professional computer room / data center cleaning ensures a reduction in long-term maintenance costs, reduces chances of equipment malfunction and increases the life of hardware.

To keep your computer room / data centre clean requires highly specialised, skilled and regular programmed cleaning on all surfaces, including floor surfaces, system cabinets, sub-floor voids, ductwork, raised floor airflow panels and other dust catching surfaces.

IAQ have extensive experience in computer room cleaning and data centre cleaning, including some of Australia’s biggest companies. Employing industry best practice, we provide a highly professional, cost effective and reliable service. IAQ operate these services all across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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Tacky Mats

Tacky Mats (also known as clean room sticky mats or sticky mats) maintain sanitary conditions in clean room areas and provide maximum protection against foot borne contamination. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets which each have a strong adhesive coating to remove dirt on contact. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel it off to expose a new, clean surface. Tacky Mats are installed in seconds and provide an economical means to control contamination.

Tacky Mat Specifications:

  • Polyethylene sheet (0.2mm), non allergenic, non odorous, non drying solid adhesive and non ageing
  • Standard colour blue but other colours are available on request
  • Fully adhesive backing
  • Each sheet individually tabbed with exclusive pull tab system

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