Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

IAQ Technologies provide reliable, independent and objective Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing. We design our testing regime to meet your exact requirements and consider factors such as building layout, previous problems, HVAC design and levels of staffing.

Our process of evaluation typically involves the following stages:

1. System Overview

To understand your system and any previous IAQ problems we gather information directly from management and staff.

2. Test design

Our testing regime is designed to suit your exact requirements.

3. IAQ Testing

Tests are conducted for indoor levels of:

  • carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • carbon monoxide (CO)
  • temperature (oC)
  • relative humidity (%)
  • dust
  • total volatile organic compounds (tVOC)
  • ozone (O3)

Levels of each are measured during the course of a business day and in some cases over a 24-hour period. This profiles the effectiveness of your ventilation system and provides valuable data to determine actions in the areas of comfort, air cleanliness and source of pollutants.

4. Visual Observations

We assess office layouts and the locations of electrical office equipment and it’s effect on airflow inhabitation and other IAQ related problems.

5. Microbial Testing

We measure surface and/or air samples in key areas within the building. An independent laboratory is employed to report concerns of excess levels of bacteria or fungi.

6. Pollutant and Source Inventory

We inspect the building for possible sources of pollutants both inside and outside. This investigation employs an extensive checklist of potential causes of IAQ problems.

7. Report preparation and delivery

The results of your IAQ testing regime are compiled, analysed and then summarised. Additionally we make recommendations for courses of action to remediate any problems identified. This report is presented to you face:face where we explain and discuss all outcomes.

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